CaNOP CubeSat

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Some excerpts:

“The primary objective of the Canopy Near-infrared Observing Project (CaNOP) is to demonstrate that many of the same imaging functions of the Landsat series of remote observing platforms may be reproduced in the CubeSat format.”

“The science mission of the CaNOP mission is to produce normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and enhanced vegetation index (EVI) measurements of both old-growth and harvested forest canopies. The vegetation indices are standard measures of the ratio of infrared to visible light in the target’s reflectance spectrum and may be related to the presence of chlorophyll and therefore to the rates of photosynthesis in target forests. NDVI/EVI measurements are useful probes of photosynthesis rates and water content, and may be related to the carbon sequestration potential of the target forest.”

Joseph Wonsil
Joseph Wonsil
PhD Student of Computer Science

PhD student in the Systopia Lab at UBC.